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I license Images for Commercial and Editorial Uses

I license images for all uses including:

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Instructions for Requesting an Image License/Quote

Areas of Specialization

Areas of specialization include:

My database of stock photos includes many more than are currently displayed on, especially similars. I periodically post new images, but if you have a specific image need and cannot find it on, please contact me to inquire if I might have it on file.

Common Publication Page Sizes and Image Resolutions

Page Size / Image Resolution for Print
Image Size Inches Millimeters Pixels RAW File/JPEG Compression
¼ Page 3.33" x 5" 85mm x 127mm 1500 x 1000 6.13Mb/520K
½ Page 5" x 8" 127mm x 203mm 2400 x 1500 13.7Mb/1Mb
¾ Page 9" x 6" 229mm x 152mm 2700 x 1800 18.5Mb/1.2Mb
Full/Cover 11" x 8.5" 280mm x 216mm 3300 x 2550 32Mb/1.7Mb
Larger Most images are available at up to 11"x17", panoramas larger still

Notes on Image Licensing

Exceptions to the the above:

Licensing Fees

Images are licensed in a traditional, rights-protected manner and you may purchase exclusive use of an image either in a certain territory or within a certain type of business if you so desire. The license fee for an image is based on your specific use of the image. Discounts may apply for multiple images, multiple uses, etc.

Payment and Delivery

Payment must be made in US Dollars and can be made via credit card (via only) or check. The easiest and quickest method of payment is by credit card using PayPal. Non-US customers may also pay via bank wire transfer, on request, and must pay an additional USD$25 wire transfer fee.

All images are delivered via Internet download in digital format as RGB files ('Adobe RGB 1998' color space), sized to 300 dpi at your chosen page size (see Page Size / Image Resolution Chart above) and compressed to JPEG level 9 or 10, which is appropriate for almost all output purposes. Uncompressed TIFF files and CMYK files are available by special request.

Images are made available for Internet download after payment has been received.

Not every image is available for advertising use. In rare cases, subjects in the photo may be trademarked or a release may not be available. If you are interested in such an image, additional information can be provided to you about how you may obtain permission to use the image