Photographer's Statement & Biography

Scott L. Robertson, PhotographerTwo of my great passions in life are travel and photography. I believe that travel broadens one's view of the world. Experiencing other cultures, meeting people from other communities and other countries and seeing the beauty, and sometimes ugliness, of the world has helped me understand that all of our lives are at once interconnected and individual. It has made me better appreciate my own home and culture as well as that of the people I've met and the lands I've seen and I have become a much more tolerant person as a result. Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences, to capture scenes and events as I see them and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the world I've seen. As the images of other photographers have inspired me to explore the world, I hope my own contributions will inspire others to do the same.

I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such I often use the tools of modern photography – different film stocks, filters, digital enhancement – to try to capture in an image the emotions I felt at the moment I tripped the camera's shutter.

Though originally trained as a computer scientist and currently a research faculty member at Georgia Tech, I have been involved in photography since childhood. I experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for photography after taking a basic black and white darkroom course in college and soon set up a darkroom in the basement of my house and began experimenting with traditional black and white printing and with alternative, and somewhat archaic, printing methods and materials: cyanotypes, salt prints, gum bichromate prints, all on hand-coated watercolor papers.

After grad school I embarked upon a series of trips to far-flung locations, camera always in hand, which resulted in an ever growing library of slides and negatives documenting my adventures. In 2002 I built a personal virtual gallery on the internet to share with family and friends and was surprised when I received my first request for a print from a complete stranger who had happened upon my web site. Thus, a serious hobby began to transform into a business.

Today I license images for all manner of commercial and editorial use and sell fine art prints. I specialize in travel photography and my work includes subjects ranging from panoramic landscapes to people and local culture to abstracts. I also specialize in creating large format and panoramic images from stitched mosaics of digital frames and scanned slides.

Scott L. Robertson
Atlanta, Georgia, USA